Aruna Thappa’s Amazing Story of Transformation

Aruna Thappa’s Amazing Story of Transformation

Can one be blessed with a power of teaching? Aruna Thappa tells us an amazing story of her transformation as a Mount Litera Zee School Teacher.

“Before joining Mount Litera Zee School, I worked with many reputed schools. I won many awards. The perks were high, my seniors and students were very happy with me, but as a teacher I wanted to do something different. I was not satisfied and missed something. I wanted to explore my creativity, my innovative method of teaching. Sadly, my hands were tied. I couldn’t do anything as I had to follow the structured method of the school’s methodology.”

Ever so often, we are shackled by the chains of tradition, when it comes to our children. Since children are our most precious possession, it is only natural we don’t want anything to go wrong in the way they are brought up. And thus, we rely on traditions. A bit too much sometimes, for our own good.
But there are some creative souls out there, like our teacher Aruna Thappa, who is slowly changing the way things work in a teacher-pupil relationship. When she came to Mount Litera Zee School, she could feel the palpable difference between the attitudes of children here.

“I shifted to HSR layout and joined MLZS in 2011 and this turned out to be the best decision of my life. I hadn’t imagined a school where students were so excited to attend the classes. They had a desire to work on projects and research, plus had no issues staying back after school or on weekends. There were no discipline problems here because the students were so engaged in their studies and activities that those problems disappeared. I was very impressed with their vision- ‘To help each child to realize their true potential” and “To create 21st century leaders.”

Here Aruna had to actually unlearn a lot of traditional approaches to teaching. Her previous 10 years as a teacher amounted to zilch. She carefully started polishing her inherent creativity and started seeing the uniqueness of each child. She developed ways to cater to each one of her differently talented children in the short 40 minutes of her period.

Learning mathematics by doing activities is fun filled. Once I started infusing my classes with these frequent doses of interactivity, there was genuine joy in learning. Lots of brain storming questions, quiz, role-plays and hands on activities make our classes so alive.  I uploaded their lessons videos on you tube, so that they can access it from anywhere"

Suddenly, completion of syllabus didn’t matter as much as it used to. Her children were already racing towards that goal without her having to rush it.

“At the core of everything we do at MLZS is one simple question - What’s Right for the Child? Using this mantra we filter all our decisions and actions. WRFC helps us to keep child at the centre of everything we do.”

Learning happens best when it is connected to the real world we live in. Emerging student profile (ESP) is our goal and our promise. It has 3 main faculties: Core values, Knowledge and Life skills. Core values function as the foundation of leadership. Our student’s role models these values:

·         Integrity
·         Open Mindedness
·         Authenticity
·         Humility
·         Growth Mindset
·         Compassion

In MLZS, Knowledge goes beyond the traditional boundaries of academic learning. Our students gained knowledge in:

·         Higher order thinking skills
·         Sports
·         Art
·         Entrepreneurship
·         Finance

Life skills are critical to lead life powerfully. Our students emerged out of school with the following life skills:

·         Effective habits
·         Media literacy
·         Aesthetic sense
·         Meta-cognition
·         Risk taking
·         Self-Management

To achieve ESP we have eight dimension approaches, through our model “Litera Octave” 

·         Litera content
·         Litera teacher
·         Litera assessment
·         Litera parents
·         Litera enrichment
·         Litera life skills
·         Litera network
·         Litera Infra

Aruna underwent training in our in-house workshops which helped her hone her creativity and pass it onto the students. Today, she is no longer a tutor. She is a facilitator who ensures that she keeps the joy of learning alive in her children, thereby turning them into life-long learners.

“As a Zee school teacher, yes I am very different. We may have the same eyes but I use mine differently, to see no one is left unattended in my class. We may have the same heart but I use mine differently, because I am teaching children not machines. I’m different because I do things differently. I am not motivated by money and position, my best rewards are their unconditional love and respect. I may stand out differently because I salute my duty rather than saluting others. Yes, I am different but I love it and I love being different. 
My achievements may not appeal to some- but for me those are my strengths. It gives me an adrenaline rush- and makes me feel worthwhile. I’m a heroine to the kids I’ve taught or am teaching. The greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

-Aruna Thappa

Aruna Thapa, has been with  MLZS South since four years.  She teaches mathematics to grade V.

Aruna – in her own words – “Being confident and passionate towards teaching is the key to my life. I always believe, don’t be afraid to be you! Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
inspire my students to follow their dreams, discover their creativity, interests and talents, and learn to their fullest potential. My purpose is not to create students of my own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.

I always follow Mr. Kalam words “If you salute your duty, you no need to salute anybody, but if you pollute your duty, you have to salute everyone.”