Genuine Tips for Parents to Battle Exam Stress

Why does exam time always spell stress for parents as well as children? Mainly, because of what is at stake. While we agree that a little bit of stress is a good thing, as it helps students to buckle down and concentrate, it is also true that when exam stress gets out of hand, it can interfere with a good performance.

Here are some practical and genuine tips from teachers at Mount Litera Zee School for all the parents and children in this crucial time of exams.

·         Mostly, stress comes out of feeling, “Will I remember everything when I’m down to actually writing the paper?” Help your child manage this stress by keeping a proper time-table during exam time. Insisting on revision is a very good mechanism for children to feel assured of recalling things during exam time.

·         Keep reminding your child that if they have followed all the proper steps during preparation for the exam, they will do well and don't have to worry about something that will not happen in all probability.

·         Let your child find out what works best for them. For example, we notice that some children are more alert in the morning than when it is time to leave for home or that some like writing everything down before they fully grasp a concept. Some even understand better when they come to us after class for a recap. Being aware of what works best will save a lot of time and stress for everyone.

·        Learn to recognize when your child is stressing out. Give them a break to chat with someone who will put things in proper perspective for them.

·         Refrain from comparing abilities with peers. Everyone approaches a topic differently and should be allowed to progress at their own pace.

·         We don’t need to remind you that proper diet plays an extremely important role in feeling overall good and energetic. Juices, fruits and proper breakfast will ensure your child feels energetic at all times.

·         While most children (and parents) do lose sleep over exams, we really advise you to get your eight hours. Don’t turn your bed into a study table. Your bed is your sanctuary.

·         Tell your child how to deal with a panic attack (if he/she has shown a tendency towards it) Taking deep breaths and counting to 5 for every breath helps slow the heart rate down. In any case, we are always there for your child. Remind them about this.

·         If your child is constantly complaining of forgetfulness, it is a sure shot sign of excessive stress. Help him/her unwind by taking frequent breaks and timely revisions to ensure he/she feels safe.

Finally, it is important to remind your child that there is life after exams. Things may seem intense right now but it won’t last forever. Also, we at MLZS are always open for any kind of queries or even suggestions that you may have. All the very best to you and your child for Exams!