Summer Time Fun with Kids

We know that everyone’s schedule during summer vacations is jam packed – every vacation minute really counts. Both children and elders like to make the most of it. After all there are grandparents to visit, a family vacation to plan or even extra classes for the new academic year or a new hobby may be on your list this time.

That’s why came up with a really interesting list of things to do this summer vacation. It has a little bit to do with learning (as we all must continue to as long as we live) to a lot of fun activities with your children. So, here goes!

·         Organize a Nature Scavenger Hunt for all the children in the family when you get together. You will need to have an open space for this, preferably a garden. Put together a list of things that only describe an object.

ü  Something smooth/round/rough/straight
ü  Two types of seeds
ü  Two pieces of man-made litter
ü  A rock
ü  Something green
ü  A chewed leaf
ü  Something you think can be treasured

Set the clock and the first one to get all the things together wins. This can also be played by adults and in groups. Use your imagination with this nature inspired game.

·         To encourage reading, start a Summer Reading Chain. This chain can essentially be made from anything that your child loves. Colorful pebbles, racing cars, bracelets, etc. For every book that your child finishes reading, add a pebble, car or a bracelet (whichever you choose) to a colorful string and hang it in your kid’s room. This way everyone will know how many books your child has read and it will encourage him/her to get more of these items on the reading chain.

·        Organize a Flameless Cooking Class for kids. Simply put together an extensive menu like the one given below and get some recipes off the net if you are unsure how to teach them:

ü  Poha soaked in coconut milk
ü  Milkmaid kheer
ü  Homemade Ice Cream
ü  No Bake Cookies
ü  Chocolate coated marshmallows
ü  Smoothies
ü  Sherbets

·         Your Child’s First Photography Class is what may make this summer vacation the most memorable of them all.
If your child has never handled a camera, maybe now is the time. Children as young as 4 year old have shown the capability of handling a ‘point and shoot’ camera and come away with stunning results. Be sure to set boundaries and limits on how to gently handle the camera and where to shoot before teaching them how to photograph. You might just come away with some of the most interesting clicks of your lifetime!

·         Children love to play outdoors, especially in the mud. Why not turn it into a productive activity by teaching your child how to plant saplings and seeds. Let’s call this one “The Little Gardener”, shall we?
Gardening is also a great way to introduce your kids to learn about responsibility (watering the pots everyday), to nurturing a sweet anticipation of their efforts bearing fruits when a sapling flowers or a seed germinates.

There are lots of activities that you can plan for your kids. The important thing to remember is that the lessons that will stay with them will be the ones where they had the most fun. So go forth and plan your summer holidays with some of our suggestions!

Happy Holidays!!!