Unique Talent Spotting Exercises at Mount Litera Zee School, Bangalore

We hear about tennis and chess prodigies coming from relatively impoverished backgrounds in Russia. Back home, we also know about Rajinikanth, superstar of the Film Industry and his humble background as a bus conductor. All around us, there are instances where people have inherent talents that were spotted just in time by a Good Samaritan and changed their lives forever.

Influence of Early Talent Spotting in Adult Years

There are abilities and talents that are inherent in children. All they need is a range of exposure and a good quality of exposure to help them hone that skill and excel at it. As a school that believes in spotting talent early, we have observed that children who are exposed to a range of activities early on, have a greater chance of finding their true talents and being a success at it. This leaves them with more time on hand to practice as well as find the correct medium to express themselves to the public.
To support our theory, we have cemented a broad based curriculum for children across all ages at Mount Litera Zee Schools under SamSidh Group.

We believe that every child is gifted

This may sound like a very convenient statement to make, but it’s not. And we know every parent has at one point or another believed that their child has a special ability. Over the years, the belief that every child is actually unique and has talents has only grown stronger.
Here are some of the ways in which we let a child blossom and give ample opportunity for his/her unique and natural talents to surface.

·  Observing Natural Interests: What a child enjoys or shows curiosity about during his/her free time is a great way to learn about his natural interests. Once we discover it, the next step is to find out if he displays exceptional understanding and ability when it comes to that activity. And finally, we expose the child more and more to higher level of the activity, at the same time helping with everything we can to sharpen that skill.

·  CCA - Co-Curricular Activities: MLZS has a dedicated hour when competitions (individual and group) are conducted on sports and various topics. The topics range from projects, presentations, recitation, art, craft, quiz and much more to help provide a wide range of exposure to all our children.

·  Daily Assembly: During the Assembly, the students are given a free reign to choose various topics and talk about them. This includes presentations which is another way of giving exposure to fine oratory and writing skills.

·  School Council with Prefects: Leadership emerges strongest when children are given various responsible roles like class in charge, discipline in charge, cleanliness in charge etc. Our teachers closely observe the ability of each and every child who receives this responsibility.

·  Everyday Classroom Activity: Our classroom activities are centered on the children. Each day is a new and fresh exercise for them to experiment with new tasks that our teachers have specifically set for them with the intent of exposing them to as wide a field of activities as possible.

Apart from this children who do well academically, are routinely checked if their performance is best in any particular field.

At home, support your child’s budding talent with tireless zeal yourself. If your child insists on visiting the aquarium again and again to look at the stars more closely, he is fascinated by the field of astrology.

“Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.”
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.