Inclusive Education

What is Inclusive education?

Inclusive education means that all children, regardless of their ability level, are included in a mainstream classroom and are taught as equals with teachers adjusting their curriculum and teaching methodologies, so that all students benefit.

Inclusive education believes in ‘Every child is capable of learning!’

The goal of inclusive education is to provide a favourable and normalized learning environment for special needs children and to provide this experience in the least restrictive environment possible.

This can be justified legally, morally, socio-culturally and educationally. Legally, it ensures equality of educational opportunities and equal protection under the law. Morally, it is regarded as a means of reducing isolation. From a socio-cultural perspective, it increases the potential contribution of special needs individuals to society at large. Educationally, it provides the special needs children with positive models and reinforcements.

Teaching educators about the importance of inclusion and how to run inclusive classroom is imperative for reaching the goal of education for all.

We, in MLZS, believe in inclusive education and have adopted this as part of our education system in all our schools.

Teachers in MLZS are trained in teaching methods that include students of all ability. They are sensitive, supportive and committed to make inclusive education successful.

We also have resource rooms with special educators to help the regular classroom teachers with individualized education programme for special needs children. The child gets support in the resource room with modifications and/or accommodations in the regular classroom. Special educators design an educational programme to meet the specific needs of the students to maximize their learning potential .The special educator works closely with the child’s regular classroom teacher and the parents.

Madhushree Bhat
Special Educator.

(I am working as a Special Educator in MLZS South School from the past one year. I have completed my Post graduate Diploma in Learning Disability from KPAMRC. I was motivated by my friend who has been a special educator for the past 10-15 years and has seen her working with special needs children and making a difference in their lives.)