Keep Your Family Cool With These Tips In Summer

Fill up on these nutritional power houses to stay healthy in hot weather. Summer is the best time to switch on to flip flops as well as the right time to take care of your family’s diet. It is an amazing time of the year when fresh products abounds and so nutrients are at peak.

Hydration is the key factor to be taken care of in summer. As we lose a lot of water through sweating we need to replenish it, especially children who would like to play outside in sun during their vacations.

1. Water and Water based drinks: Dehydration is the most common problem in summer. One should drink at least 10-15 glasses of water per day. Water helps to regain the lost electrolytes from the body. Children who generally  do not drink water should be given light beverages like lemon water, fresh fruit juices, bel juice, coconut water and raw mango panna daily.  

2. Watermelon: As the name says, it’s a hydration hero. It is very high in water content and so keeps you cool and hydrated. Children should be given a bowl of watermelon daily. 

3. Cucumber: Cucumber is high in moisture content and keeps the body cool and hydrated. Include cucumber as a salad in your daily routine. 

4. YogurtYogurt is filled with loads of probiotics and protein power.  Yoghurt provides lots of nutrients to your children and will help to digest the food properly. 

5. Strawberries: It keeps the body cool and healthy with lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the vitamins and minerals needed for the body.  

6.  Coconut water: Coconut Water is the richest source of sodium and potassium. It is helpful to bring back electrolytes in the body.  

7. Garlic and Onion: These foods contain polyphenols and flavonoids which have antibacterial properties. These prevent stomach infections which are very common in summer.  

8. Dark green leafy vegetables: These are undoubtedly rich in all nutrients and making them a part of the diet will help to keep everyone away from diseases. 

9. Oranges/lime/sweet lime: These fruits not only have high moisture content but also are rich in vitamin C which boosts the immunity of the body. 

10. Tomatoes: Raw tomatoes are rich in lycopene and various antioxidants which help to prevent various diseases in summer. 

Just a few more things to be kept in mind before stepping out of house in hot weather.

· Never go out in an empty stomach. 
· Carry a water bottle always. 
· Avoid eating fried food. 
· Have coconut water, lemon juice, and fresh fruit juices to regain electrolytes 
· Try to eat or drink every two hours. 
· Avoid eating outside frequently. 
· Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
· Tulsi /Basils keeps the bodies cool so keep it in mouth before going in sun. 

Here’s what Parul, Nutritionist at HSR – MLZS has planned for our children.

As a Nutritionist, I feel for a healthy future it is very important to lay a healthy foundation which can be done at Home and School. According to me more than parents it is important to make students aware about health, wellbeing and its relation to foods.

Keeping this in mind; we would like to conduct many nutrition camps and workshops for our students. Here in school we have planned the menu according to the nutritional requirements of the children of different age groups. All the food groups are included and a balanced plate is served. In School, we are playing our role for a strong and nutritious future by making students understand the importance of health and nutrition. 

Parul  Nutrionist- MLZS-HSR Bangalore