Math In Nature

“Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe” - Galileo 

What do you dream to become when you grow up??? 

A Doctor, an Engineer, a Fashion Designer, a Forensic Expert, a Scientist, a Banker, an Astronaut, an Architect, an Interior Designer, a Businessman, a Pilot, a Sports Announcer, a Professional Photographer, or a Computer Games Designer?
For all these you need Math!

Children love the opportunity to work in groups, experiment and play in the lap of nature. There is brilliant potential in learning for children when nature is used to explore Math. Suddenly Math becomes a magical journey when you take the children outside and point out that Math is inherently present in nature.

Have you ever wondered  about the  HEXAGON shaped cells  of the honeycomb or the various patterns and symmetries in the plants, leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables?  There is even a rotational symmetry in the globe!
Math is all around us; and at Mount Litera Zee Schools, there are imaginative activities for each age group planned and studied carefully to liven the imagination of children.

The point is children need Math in their daily life. But the dreary routine of being confined to an indoor classroom all the time can make it sound like work.

Imaginative classes planned around teaching Math concepts to children don’t just involve pointing out the presence of Math in nature. Our teachers regularly use these opportunities to ensure the children can:
ü  Feel inspired and motivated to want to learn more
ü  Gain practical ideas and reflect on problems and their solutions on their own
ü  Develop their understanding that Math goes beyond classrooms and examinations
ü  Sow the seeds of curiosity

Engineers use Math for construction of buildings, tunnels, bridges, dams, for laying pipelines, for designing and building vehicles, aircrafts, and ships, for tapping the energy from sun, wind and water.
Computer graphics are based on principles of geometry. 
Math is required in the Medical field as well, like medical imaging, protein modeling etc.
Math is also present in Music with the composers incorporating the Fibonacci series and golden ratio into their work. 

Our aim at MLZS is for children to have fun with MATH 
As it gives reason to hope that every problem has a Solution!!!!! 

 Article by Praseela Vimal- Math co-coordinator at MLZS- HSR