Sharing Of Knowledge - An Engaging Account of Legacy Building Through Sharing by Ms. Mallareddy Pushpalata (Primary Coordinator)


This statement is very true because we share whatever we learn and practice in life with someone or the other. Some of those whom we follow may have even passed away. However, their teachings and guidance always remain with us.

Fond are those memories and vivid in detail, of days of our early childhood, spent at home and school. Remember the adage, ‘Teach a child a habit and likely, that the child will retain the habit forever’. Well, more than teaching, it is the sharing of ideas, thoughts, experiences, knowledge etc. which create the sense of understanding and realization in young school going children.

I recall, as a fourth grader, I found it difficult to apply different formats of letter-writing. It simplified when my father shared what he had learnt from his teacher, who taught in a government-run school, 25 years ago.

Today, both my father and his teacher have left this world. However, that little bit of knowledge passed on to me continues to make letter-writing an easy and simple activity.

As a teacher in MLZS, I am imparting that same knowledge to the students in my class.

Sharing is certainly not limited to knowledge. Young children absorb a lot from their environment.

The development of concepts about good and bad, right and wrong, moral and immoral etc. is to a great extent determined by the behavior, attitude and habits of parents and teachers.

Ms Janny, my teacher in the fifth grade, was sweet and kind-hearted, and taught us in a way, which helped me to understand good deeds and actions.

My English language teacher till the 10th grade left deep impressions on me with her attitude and behavior with students. I remember clearly how she encouraged freedom of expression and used anecdotes to create simple explanations.

In the last nine years, as a teacher, I have always felt that my teacher was with me as my guide and mentor. I have never felt at a loss because I remember her ways and try to put them into practice.

Ten years from now my students may not remember me but they will carry on the knowledge which I shared with them.

Sharing knowledge, and not just academic knowledge, is a legacy builder and all of us are linked to its immortality.   

At MLZS, I practice what I teach, and when parents realize positive changes in their children because of such a methodology, it brings a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Ms. Mallareddy Pushpalata has been with MLZS since the last 3 years. In addition to being a primary coordinator, she also teaches English to Grade 5 and 6.