Importance of Co-curricular Activities in Education System

Can children learn everything from a class room? Are classrooms able to simulate real life situations so children learn from them? Sadly the answer is no. Class room education needs to be supplemented with Co- Curricular Activities or CCA.  These co-curricular activities are organized to propel students’ emotional, social and moral development which otherwise are limited in a classroom setting to group work.

Mount Litera Zee School has diversified into various domains to enrich the student learning and student engagement. Domains like sports activities, NCC, field trips are some of the co-curricular activities (CCA) which are emphasized to complement and supplement the academic curriculum taught in the classrooms.  

Importance of Co-curricular Activities for school children:
*Develops values of cooperation, sense of belonging, respect others views and feelings, collaborate for team work.
*It motivates learning as opportunities for out of the box thinking are encouraged.
*Enables to express their thoughts and opinions without the fear of being graded.
*Enhances their psychological, civic, ethical and social understanding.
*Inculcates skills like decision making, self-esteem, leadership abilities and organization.
*Facilitates identifying child’s abilities and potential and showcase their talents like singing, speaking, drawing, dramatic skills.
*Provides child to introspect their actions and thoughts to develop required socialization and emotional balance.
*Appreciate and encourage peer learning.

Aruna Sridharan, our Academic Consultant for Pre-Primary section of all MLZS schools has a vast amount of experience in this field. What she has routinely observed in children when they are outside the classroom will astonish you.
·         Promoting awareness: Co curricular activities promote interests and awareness in an existing topic
·         Interlinking with classroom education: Children have an amazing ability to interlink co curricular activities with text book education. You will be surprised at how quick they are to find cross references and links.
·         Personality development: The true personality of every child emerges when he is taken out of the classroom.
·         Sense of ownership: Belonging to a club increases a sense of ownership and brotherhood among the members of that particular group. Young minds are then encouraged to dig deeper in the given field and gain specialized knowledge
·         And finally, having fun is good for the brain! Co-curricular activities and clubs are a great way for children to have fun and learn at the same time. Something, that can never be replaced by classroom education.