The Real Value of Education by Anitha, HSR Extension

The Real VALUE of Education

It’s alright for us as parents, teachers and educators to instruct our children to become good human beings, kind and considerate to all, to refrain from fabrications and prevarications, to be just, to respect elders in the society and family, to always be ready to serve for the common and greater good. We seldom actually provide a road map to develop, practice and perfect a set of virtues to our children. In the real world these values are honesty, integrity, conduct and behavior.

Theodore Roosevelt pronounced that, To educate a person in the mind but not in the morals is to educate a menace to society. “ Well, maybe not a menace, but certainly, a misfit. What is equally glaring and hard hitting is that beyond school success is no longer guaranteed by grades. While technical education undoubtedly has its place, what is gaining greater significance is the establishment of values in children during their growing up years, both in school and at home.

It is understandable that values cannot be taught, but can only be imbibed. Any child, who is exposed to an environment where there is constant reinforcement of values and morals, will stand a better chance at internalizing these values. The responsibility of the teacher today is not simply about guaranteeing excellence in academics, but also, a commitment to create a role model for students to follow.

At Mount Litera Zee School, the entire methodology of imparting education is based on teaching core human and social values and principles. The effort is always towards achieving that balance between academics and real world values.

New and modern educational institutions should seek to integrate value-based education together with mainstream subjects.  Our children, today, are more in need of an education which stresses on building personal characteristics along with bookish knowledge.
Of course, the way ideologies are imparted and values are instilled depends on the educational institution.  

At MLZS, we believe that the best way is by setting the right maxims and examples, which makes it possible for our students to emulate and follow.
This article has been the work of Ms. Anitha, our Moral Values Coordinator at MLZS HSR Extension branch. This article reflects her thoughts and her follow up actions that she has planned in the new academic year for all our children.