School Tiffin Ideas For Moms

It is school time again for most of you and the early morning routine has already begun! And we know just how it goes. The alarm goes off at 6 am, you dash to make your morning ablutions (all the while planning about what to pack for your child’s tiffin), wake up your child and get him ready and trying to finish your first cup of tea unsuccessfully!

But did you know that a little bit of tiffin planning will take you a long way in easing this hectic morning routine. Our Nutritionist, Parul Bhatnagar has put together a few tiffin ideas that are not only nutritious but can be made quickly with some forward planning. You can get in touch with her if you wish to discuss your child’s nutrition habits in detail.

So here’s the list!

1)  Paneer Wrap - A wheat flour chapati rolled with sautéed paneer and vegetables. Paneer is the richest source of protein in diary and good for overall growth and development of the body. It provides calcium and vitamin A which is good for bones, eyes and increase concentration.

2) Tomato Pasta – This easy recipe can be prepared by mixing Pasta with homemade tomato puree and finely chopped vegetables. Pasta made from durum wheat provides carbohydrates for energy. Vegetables add vitamins and minerals to it. Tomatoes are rich source of lycopene, which maintains eye health.

3) Pumpkin Poori- Pumpkin puree mixed in dough to make pooris. Pumpkin is a nutritionally rich vegetable. Pumpkin is richest source of Vitamin A, in addition to Vitamin C and E which helps in increasing concentration and attention span of children in school.

4) Carrot Idlis- Idlis are something children eat without too much fuss. Adding vegetables into the batter will increase its nutritional value. Carrots are an exceptionally rich source of carotenes ,vitamin A and minerals like copper , calcium, potassium , phosphorous. It helps in maintaining good eyes health, epithelial integrity, growth and development.

5) Nutrella Parantha- Boiled Nutrella granules stuffed into wheat dough and prepared as paranthas. Nutrella is a power house of protein, essentially required for growth and development of child. It also helps in formation of new cells in the body.

6) Home Made Nutri Bars- Prepare this by mixing almonds, walnuts, oats with jaggery syrup. It will turn out as a bar with lots of nuts and healthy oats. Nuts are very good for brain development as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Jaggery will provide them carbohydrates and oats fulfill the need of fiber in young bodies.

7) Fruit Pancakes – Home made fruit puree can be mixed in wheat batter and cooked on flat pan in ghee.  Fruits are rich in antioxidants which help in boosting their immunity and resistance to fight against diseases. Ghee provides important fats which is important for brain development.

8) Spinach and corn cheese toast- Whole Wheat Bread stuffed with spinach corn and cheese mixture. Spinach, corn and cheese all are good sources of Vitamin A and Calcium which is very necessary for strong bones. And whole wheat bread gives the children a good dose of carbohydrates, much needed to keep their energy levels up!

9) Vegetable Paneer Pulao-Rice mixed with lots of vegetables. This dish provides carbohydrates and protein for energy and growth. Vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals which helps child to fight against diseases, increasing concentration and attention in class.

10) Methi Thepla- It is prepared by mixing wheat flour with gram flour (besan) and fenugreek leaves (methi). Fenugreek leaves contains fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese. They are very good for children suffering from anemia, loss of taste, stomach disorders. 

The best thing about this list is that you can plan ahead and get a lot of things organized beforehand, so you don’t spend too much time on cooking in the morning. Eg: You can prepare the theplas dough at night and refrigerate it, you can even make the batter for idlis and fruit pancakes well in advance and so on. 

 So go ahead and plan your child’s tiffin without worrying too much about nutrition, we’ve got you covered J