Grade 1 Activity of the Week – Know Your Name

Vasudha and Betty, class teachers of Grade 1, executed this unique activity for their class to learn about their own name and that of their friends. In keeping with the vision of Mount Litera Zee Schools, they thought the best way to introduce the first concept of EVS “My Name” should be through an activity rather than an instruction method.

The Activity:
The teachers first talked to the children about how each one of us have a name and where we use our names every day. The teacher also explained how each one of us is unique like our names.

Later, the teachers got out some modeling clay and let the children choose their favourite color. The students were then asked to prepare letters of their names using the clay. They proudly displayed their names on the table. They were also let to observe their friends’ names and were encouraged to appreciate each other’s efforts.

The activity of modeling clay that was conducted enabled the students to appreciate their names and at the same time have lots of fun doing it!
This method of teaching concepts is found to be more effective than a simple instruction method. This way, the children created memories in their head, owing to the fun activity of modeling clay. Memories play a very important role when it comes to recalling any particular concept, right into adulthood.