How to get the most out of Grocery Shopping with Children

Grocery Shopping can actually be an enjoyable experience for you and your children if you keep a few things in mind before planning a trip to the supermarket.
Also, it is a great way for you to introduce your older child to the concept of money and practice his calculation. For younger kids, it’s just fun to be out and about!

·         Take a walk- avoid using the automobile, it is good for health and gives you time to talk with your child.

·         Carry shopping bags and make sure you take a smaller one along for your child. Your child will be proud to carry one along and you are saving environment from plastic and yourself some money

·         Before you start, affirm to the child that he /she can buy only one item of his choice.

·         If the child is old enough give him/her a budget. This not only saves you from a cribby child, but also teaches the child to choose the best option and also manage his money.

·         If your child is old enough, send the child by himself to buy one or two items, which will teach them some independence. Always ask the child to calculate the difference in the amount to be paid and actual amount paid.  This is the best way to teach math for real life.

·         Also take the child to the mall and to the local market, and make him aware of the difference in the prices and explain to the reason behind this disparity. Children pick up very early about such concepts if we introduce it to them.

·         While shopping for vegetables and fruit, ask your child to choose. This will help the child to look for size, measurement and also weight. What’s more, he/she will know what is cooking for dinner!

·         Help the child to prepare a shopping list before starting. This helps the child to know the ingredients of a favourite dish and the quantity that has to be used. While shopping, if an item on the list is not available, teach him the alternatives that could be used. Choices - a big life lesson that the child will learn and give him/her a sense of ownership 

·         Talk about seasonality of fruits and vegetables and how they could be used and the difference in the prices of seasonal and non- seasonal fruits.

·         While buying packed foods, ask the child to read the ingredients, MRP and nutritional facts, preservatives, etc on the back of the packet. This will help practice reading skills and also give them a little knowledge about the ingredients used. 

·         Teach them about expiry dates and how mindful they should be about these.

Grocery shopping with children is usually looked at as a torturous activity. Preparing the child and engaging him in the activity of shopping teaches them ownership, financial responsibility and reasoning.  
It will turn out to be one of the best opportunity for you to teach the child real life problems and their solutions.
Good Luck Moms!