Keeping Your Child Healthy This Monsoon

Monsoon is the time when diseases spread due to humid and damp conditions. Fungus and bacteria multiply during this weather and are easily picked up by children. Monsoon reduces immunity of one’s body and makes them susceptible to many diseases. Health irritants like allergies, infection and indigestion are very common during these days too.
It is a good time to take precautions and follow a few simple tips to become disease resistant.

  1. Moderation is the key: Eat in moderation and let your stomach relax. 
  2. Drink lots of warm beverages. They help in keeping the protective layer on the inside of your throat active and intact.
  3. Stick to freshly cooked foods. Bacteria get more time to multiply in stale food.
  4. Wash fruits and vegetable thoroughly and eat only freshly cut fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid raw vegetables in these days.
  5. Avoid eating street foods like chaats, fried items and pakoras.
  6. Avoid green leafy vegetables during this season as they have insect infestation in humid conditions.
  7. Consume vegetables like snake gourd, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, yam, beans. They help to naturally flush out disease causing bacteria.
  8. Avoid Instant and canned foods, they offer little or zero nutrition.
  9. Use Moong Dal, Garlic, pepper, ginger,Asfoedita(hing), cumin  powder, turmeric, and corianderwhich enhance digestion.
  10. Drink boiled and filtered water
  11. Foods like Neem, Bitter gourd (Karela), Tulsi, Jamun, corn and warm milk are good for health
  12. Eat balanced diet. And include lots of lemon in your diet. Vitamin C helps fight common cold and flu effectively.
If anyone you know is ill during monsoon take some more precautions for a speedy recovery
Above all, keep in mind that washing hands before every meal is as important as following the above steps. Also if you suspect that your child is coming down with a cold or flu, it is best to let him rest at home. Their small bodies are fighting the infections internally and need to conserve every bit of energy when unwell.