My Pet A poem by Shruti from 5th Grade

Children are always surprising us with their genius and attention to detail. Sometimes it is not apparent from the way a child behaves or interacts.
But when you give your child an outlet to express his/her inner thoughts, values and expressions, you will be surprised by how they maze you.

Shruti from Grade 5 amazed us by her ability to use create a poem around her pet cat and use words that rhyme simultaneously.  

My pet

I have a pet cat,
which likes to hide in my hat,
and loves sitting on the mat.
Always willing to come inside,
but never willing to go back outside.
For it's actions you must clap,
and always likes to sit on my lap.
How fast it laps the milk,
with me touching its fur as soft as silk.
Oh, my pet & I love you so!