Breaking the Hindi Language Barrier Through Innovative Activity for Grade 9

Hindi as a second language has always been a pain point for many children. So, our Hindi teachers decided it was time to make this subject interesting and fun in an innovative manner. They conducted an activity for our Grade 9 students which gave some astounding results!

The children were given an opportunity to choose their own topic for public speaking . This helped them to explore new ideas and choose topics that they were comfortable speaking about. After preparing for it in advance, they presented in front of an audience which was a check on their confidence and their language skills. 

Each child was happy to read what he/she had prepared to the entire class and went back beaming with pride to his/her bench. The audience also enjoyed listening to Hindi being spoken flawlessly and also added some great General Knowledge to their own kitty.

The Topics presented by the children were:

Ankush- Car Bugati
Kainaat- Eid
Saachi- Effiel Tower
Gourav- Maruti Suzuki

Shoiab- Earth

As expected, since the topics chosen by the students were close to their hearts, they found it easy to gather information about it as well as present it to the audience in a confident manner. The key to building confidence in any language is to let children start by letting them try out something that is close to their hearts and make them comfortable in that particular area before starting the more formal and difficult aspects.
At MLZS, we believe that every child should should enjoy what they learn and make the process of learning as experimentative as we possibly can.