Instilling Values and Traditions in Tandem with the Rapidly Changing World – By Ankitha From Electronic City MLZS

The culture of India is very distinctive and unique. Its uniqueness lies in its strong social system and family values. The Indian way of living, eating, dressing is inimitable. We consider our elders as the driving force and so we respect and love them. Indian food, rituals, festivals, costumes, literature, music and dance are intrinsic part of its culture and Hinduism is the oldest surviving religion of the world.

They say that ‘change is the only permanent thing’ and the changing world at a very fast pace has become a part and parcel of our lives too. Technology has made it possible for us to get first-hand information about things happening in any part of the globe and our children get influenced by these incidents very easily. They interact with their friends through a myriad of social media like Facebook, Whatsapp etc, which shape their thoughts, opinions and values.

Change is inevitable and the new generation has to keep pace with it. Though, to adapt to the latest technology is seen as a signifier of development, at the same time one should not forget our roots. It is said that ‘only when the roots run deep do the branches grow tall’. It is the duty of all parents to make their children aware about the deep rooted, rich cultural and traditional heritage of India so that the future generations are also benefited.

The change in the education system encourages free thinking and questioning and so mere lecturing will not make them understand these values. One has to be careful while inculcating the right values in a right manner among the children. The way they dress, eat and behave should not be ridiculed upon rather understood and modified in a subtle manner.

Indeed, the parents and the educators face tremendous challenge of preserving the age old custom and traditions and educate them to follow the right path. Patience and perseverance is the need of the hour and to emulate these here are some ideas on how to help them change with the time and be rooted at the same time:

1. Share some good examples of our culture with the children through stories, movies, songs and poems so that they will come to know how rich our culture is and they have to carry the baton forward.

2. Celebrate and enjoy all the festivals and explain to them the significance of each one of them. Involve them in organising the festivals.

2. Have them witness a variety of cultural programs like dance, drama, music etc. This will develop an interest in the rich heritage.

3. Encourage the children to wear ethnic dress while going to some friend’s place or any restaurant and make them eat healthy traditional food.

Indian culture is one of oldest and unique cultures of the world and many a historians and explorers have been awed by its uniqueness. At present the entire world is embracing the age old systems like ‘Yoga and Ayurveda’ to their benefit. The fact that the foreigners hold us in high esteem fills our hearts with pride. The Indian customs being respected by the world at large invokes in the children a spirit of confidence and self-respect. It is through this fine blend of the past with the present, the extracting of the goodness of the years gone by for a better future can the children benefit and the purpose of education be fulfilled.