Healthy Cooking Activity

Cooking is the fantastic and fun engaging activity to do with children. This is the best way to get kids interested and even excited about healthy foods. Kids get an opportunity to create healthy meals and understand the nutritional importance of the food. They learn a whole range of skill and it also facilitates to the curiosity of the children on food Manufacturing. Cooking activity also plays a big role teaching the students about Hygiene and food safety.
Sprouts are said to be a convenient source of complete nourishment. They provide long term health and wellness. If consumed judiciously and chosen over other foods, they can prevent diseases and lifestyle related ailments. Spinach is one of the wonderful green leafy vegetable often recognized as one of wholesome food. It has whole lot of nutritional, antioxidants and anti -cancer composition. It is a tender, crispy dark green and favourite ingredient of mothers around the world due to its high nutritional quality.
Imagine !! the goodness of cooking activity and sprouts coming together. That was the experience the 3rd Grade children went through with Parul -our Nutrionist.
 The students were given an opportunity to touch, feel, taste and smell the different flavours of the ingredients. The fun and aroma created in the room made even the picky eaters to give it a try. This gave them a chance to try a different flavour with the experience of preparing the full simple dish.
Sprouts Bhel with its multiple flavours and textures is a healthy and filling snack alternative to the regular Bhel and it will be enjoyed by young and old alike