Instilling values and Academic Performance

A very important and one of the most debated topic especially in modern India  is whether instilling values has any impact on the  social, academic and the cultural behavior of the nation as a whole.  We, in India have always stressed on ethical and value based way of life.  The very fact that the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata have been a source of guiding light for several thousand years is due to the story depicting the clash of values and finally the triumph of good over evil. 

The word ‘value’ stands for all the ideals or behavior that we consider as good or the right way of living.  Be it honesty, compassion, truthfulness, sincerity etc., to name a few.  We are taught at a very young age to be honest, to respect our elders, teachers, be compassionate and  sincere in whatever we do.  These concepts lay the boundary line for an ideal society.  No being is born with the knowledge of knowing what is right and what wrong- is, so it is from the experience of the society that the guidelines are laid to have a peaceful coexistence. 

The only concept that makes a human being superior to that of other living things is the intelligence.  We are able to study, analyze and build up on whatever is learnt to make rapid progress in all walks of life.   Education has played a vital role in the growth of science although its methodology varies from place to place.  Academics is crucial in shaping the progress of mankind and it can never be stressed enough that knowledge can be used for both good and for the bad of mankind.  If, on the one hand we learn to operate and save a human life, on the other hand we do know to manufacture bombs and destroy mankind too.

The educational institutions that only stress on academic performance or “knowledge without a heart” are creating havoc as they become a factory of scholars without moral values that create more harm to society than benefit them.  Those Institutions that stress on values or principles not only bring out scholars but also put them on the right tract of knowing ‘right from wrong’ and ‘good from bad.’   The students who have a clear concept of values do well in academics too as they are clear about doing their duty to society by working to their complete potential, for the benefit of mankind and their own small world.  They are bound to give it their all as the values instilled in them make it essential for them to be sincere and to perform to the best of their ability.

The whole idea of stressing on ‘core Values’, ‘Life skills’, imparting knowledge’, and the methodology involved in imparting these has given rise to a new genre of educational Institutions which have realized that knowledge without care or value are bound to be incomplete and may never reach the goal set while establishing such Institutions.  Academic performance is also bound to be optimum as there is no room for self-doubt, confusion or a biased way of looking at society.  Such Institutions are the true temples of learning that prepare students for a better way of life in future for themselves and for the society as a whole.

To conclude I would like to refer to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, one of the greatest Scientists of India and a former President of India who stressed that it is impossible for any country to monitor its citizens using the law enforcing agencies as policing them is a near impossible task and that only values imbibed in the citizens can make a country peaceful for its citizens to stay and to grow in a more productive way.

Suguna Prabha K
Mount Litera Zee School

Bangalore - North