OPEN MINDEDNESS in Schools - Shyamala Salunke

Open mindedness is

 - An INQUISITIVE to learn or experience new things

- A DESIRE to be well informed through reading Newspapers,magazines.

-ADOPTABILITY to new situations in life.

-ACCEPTING challenges that come in their way.

-TEAM PLAYER : listening ability to achieve the goals

In the team, open mindedness is one of the most important value which exposes the child to different culture, experiences and situations to learn and lead in this 21st century .

Open mindedness makes us "learn to unlearn and to relearn" . We will start looking at the word in a new way when we get out of our old one. If we want to start changing our life for better we should be open to new experiences.
As MLZS teachers we are creating 21st century leaders by inculcating core values and open mindedness is one among them. Students are given many activities in our school which will cater to open mindedness. Example, in language classes if the students are learning any fictional story ,the students are given creative writing where they are allowed to create their own story with different characters . such activities help the child to think and accept the challenge where he/she has not done such tasks. Children were asked to write their own poems.
Children attempt these challenges and come up with good pieces of literature by using their own imagination.
In subjects like science and social studies, debates and group discussions are conducted to express views and opinions in a group of children learn to respect other's views and opinions
With an open mind. As the saying goes that " only change is permanent in the world " we have to inculcate open mindedness very strongly in our children to accept the change which is continuous .

Shamala Salunke,

MLZS North