Something is seriously wrong with this statement, “ People who can - achieve, but people who can't - teach” by Ms. Veni

One of my students was egging me to create my blog and start blogging and as usual I was procrastinating. But yesterday I came across a quote purportedly said by an eminent personality. It said that," people who can - achieve, but people who can't - teach." Being a teacher and loving my profession, I took it as a personal insult and so here I am venting my ire through this blog.

What does this personality mean by saying those who can- achieve??? Isn't he a bit presumptuous? Agreed that knowledge can be gained through books, but who will decipher it to us?
Let's start with who is a teacher. The dictionary gives the meaning as one who imparts information or skill to people about a subject. Don't you think that the meaning given is a very insipid and watered down version of actuality? Apart from teaching the subject, a teacher also grooms the students to face real life situations. If we have a lot of achievers today, it is because they were groomed properly by their teachers.

So many successful people have been teachers in their lives. Sir Einstein, Gregor Mendel and closer home we have Dr. Radhakrishnan, Sir. C.V.Raman, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai who were not only teachers par excellence but also achievers extraordinaire. So how can I agree to the comment -those who can't - teach?

I take the liberty to change the quote as 'those who can - achieve and those who love - teach. Teaching is one field where the criterion is not the degrees you garner, but the love - for the subject, for the profession,for the children- which matters. The best part of this profession is that one doesn't age mentally because one is always amongst children. The subject and topic may be the same but the response is always varied. hence no diminishing utility or ennui ala other professions.

I end this tirade with a quote of my own
Ms. Veni
Vice Principal - MLZS Bangalore