A Tete a Tete with our Principal Ms. Manjula Sachin will give you a sneek peak into the vision of our school and plans for the new academic year

1. What was your inspiration behind choosing "teaching" as a profession after so many years in the literature circles? 

My inspiration behind choosing teaching as a profession is my experiences as a student. I wanted to become a teacher and give all the positives that I received from my teachers to my students. I also wanted to ensure that I treat my students the way I wanted my teachers to treat me. I have always felt that the connect between the teacher and student is lacking, I wanted to bridge that gap. To a large extent I have been able to achieve it. I started my career as a math teacher the subject that is dreaded by most but my students were happy attending math classes. This I was able to achieve by making the classes more interesting using the activity based methodology. They were not scared to clear their silliest of doubts.

2. Did you choose Samsidh MLZS for any specific reason?

I chose Samsidh MLZS the second time (i.e after a gap of one year) because I felt here we implement what we communicate to our parents. I have seen that management puts in extra efforts to ensure that we give the best to our students. We strive to create an environment that is less pressurizing and fearless by emphasizing understanding of Concepts as opposed to rote learning. We prepare our students with the skills that is needed to compete in this dynamic world. The unique blend of Knowledge, skills and values will equip our students with the 21st Century skills when they graduate from MLZS.

3.How different is Samsidh MLZS from other schools?

We focus on "WRFC- What's right for the child" We do not reject admissions based on the performance or past academic records of the child. We are confident of our methodology to bring in the desired progress in the child. We analyze the performance of every child and develop strategies to bring about a change in him/her.We do not stick on to age old policies and procedure. We are very flexible in our approach and adapt to this dynamic world by bringing in necessary changes in our system each academic year. Our teachers are selected based on the attitude that they possess and not just on Knowledge that they have. Every staff member's innate abilities are identified and they are given an opportunity for their professional growth. Samsidh MLZS values the parent community a lot. It works with the parents to create an environment that is conducive to learning. It equips the parents with the latest trends in the field of education by holding regular interactions/ workshops.

4. What is the philosophy of Samsidh MLZS? Is it run differently?

The philosophy of Samsidh MLZS is to focus on that 80% of the students who are often neglected. To make them more confident of their abilities and provide them with that little support which will bring them up to the next level of performance.All the students at Samsidh MLZS are STARS in different areas- Academic, sports, Music, Dance etc.

5. What does a day in the life of a school principal look like?

A day in the school is fully loaded -We take up different roles that of :A leader/motivator appreciating the strengths of staff members and extending the support to overcome their weaknesses. A counselor attending to the students when they are feeling low or have any complaintsA teacher when there is shortage of teachersA mentor guiding the teachers and other staff members if there is any deviation from the goalA parent monitoring the safety of the studentsA child enjoying activities with the students with the same enthusiasm. End of the day I am happy doing all of these. All are students are MY children and I am responsible for their overall well being.

6. What is your vision for the schools?

To make MLZS the first choice of the parents for the overall development and safety of their child. To create a happy, healthy and safe culture in the school.