Sustaining Friendship in the Professional place by Aparna

Achieving something worthy is great but sustaining it is greater. Friendship is one such virtue. Much like in our personal lives, at our work place too, we meet different people with different attitudes and viewpoints. A good understanding and adjustment might help one to have better relations with other people.
In order to have friendly relations with others one should be wary of personal prejudices, partiality and petty jealousies. Along with these precautions one should never allow friendship to interfere in judging the other's point of view in a work place.

How can a good friend at workplace help you?

By maintaining team spirit, exchanging the viewpoints, not giving way to one's ego, a person can easily sustain the friendship and goodwill of others in professional field. One should try to maintain a healthy competition for betterment of the profession.
Sometimes having a friend on your work team can inspire and motivate you to new levels of creativity, a friendly word or smile can make someone's day.
If we work together well, we reap the benefits of it on the job. Developing professional respect for someone can form the start of a career-long relationship.
In today's world having workable, trusting professional associations with people, who know our credentials, is a lot more valuable than having random shallow friendships based on self-interest.

Getting a third perspective

If a problem arises, one should try to look at it from other persons angle also perhaps it might give us a better insight into the problem. By extending a helping hand to other people, by keeping in a good judgment one can sustain the friendship in a professional field.

When can it become too much

Friendly relations obviously make the workplace amicable and pleasant. Just like sibling rivalry, professional places also have wonderful affection, understanding and togetherness under the shade of friendship.
One should not take advantage of their friendship to gain benefits from their higher level authorities similarly the higher level people should not make friendship a burden for their peers and never it should be a favour for one’s growth.
Also one should refrain from taking professional issues and discussing at personal level which will help to have a healthy environment. Finding friends at workplace is a blessing and sustaining it is a bigger responsibility.