Aruna Thappa Solves the Math Problem for Learners in a Unique Way!

Aruna Thapa Discovers a Novel Way to Make Learners Share their Math Problems in Class and Encourage Curiosity and Teamwork

In this action research study of my classroom of seventh grade and fifth grade mathematics, 


I investigated the attitudes of students toward mathematics along with their achievement levels with the use of oral presentations in my class.  

The class was divided into groups of five or six for each presentation, changing partners each time.


On the last day of that week the students gave a short presentation on their problem. I discovered that the students enjoy the different aspect of presentations in a math class. 

I plan to implement presentations in my classroom more often with the intent to increase student enjoyment. Throughout the activity I noticed more teamwork involvement during the presentations. I was pleasantly surprised that the students felt confident enough in their peers to help them learn the concepts so they could master them

- Aruna Thappa