Bridging the Gap between Education and the Future Work Place at Samsidh MLZS

"Preparing children for the future"

A statement that all educationalist have in Mind and is a Mantra for the Edupreneurs. 
If we put the “wh” questions before this statement, the answers to all the questions will become ambiguous.

What are we preparing for- The future is uncertain and unknown?
Why are we preparing for the future?
Where are we preparing for the future?
How are we preparing for the future?
When are we preparing for the future?

In the past, the future that we were faced with and we were prepared for was also uncertain, but because the pace of that change was much slower, we made our previous generations’ dreams come true. It seems easy now.

However, fast forward to today and the quest to know the future is ever-growing, giving us enough and more opportunities to dream big and imagine anything.  The new inventions in technology have given us new dimensions and have made the future even more uncertain. We simply don;t know what to expect of it!

Schools and educational institutions are under pressure to prepare children for the future. Should the child excel in Academics to face new researches, or should he excel in Skills to execute his acquired knowledge or should he excel in being a human being with Moral Values at his heart?  The job of the teachers has gone beyond just imparting the curriculum and execute teaching which encompasses academics, skills and values which could be useful in future.

The preparation begins at home, school and in the society. But how?

Providing opportunities to children to train for the risks and the uncertainty remains at the core and the only aim for many. We provide or create experiences which will help prepare for the future. Each and every minute is measured and every step is considered as right or a wrong step towards the future.

But in this process of preparation and guessing what the future is going to be, the CHILDREN are forgotten.

We forget the essence of childhood. And this essence is the period of growing!
Unfortunately, the childhood begins to look as an investment for the preparation of future. Being able to enjoy the moment and being a child has become impossible for our children.

“Doing what’s right for the child”

 At Samsidh MLZS, each and every staff member has this motto at their heart in whatever they do. They choose activities keeping in mind the “child and childhood time” of the student entrusted under their care.

Be it imparting knowledge, developing skill or correcting their mischief, they understand the need of the age and work along those lines.

They create opportunities for the student keeping in mind the current  family, friends and societal influence on the child, so that it does not feel like being a product in an education factory but a human child with real emotions .