In Conversation with Udaya Rajesh: Head of Horamavu Branch of Samsidh Group of Schools


1. What is your inspiration when it comes to heading an educational set up?
In general, I have observed in today’s younger generation –an inability to cope with failures, self- centeredness, degeneration of value systems and lack of emotional intelligence.

Thus, the opportunity to be instrumental to bring about positive change in the society by leading and 
mentoring the new generation, moulding their thoughts and instilling in them the appropriate value systems is my motivation.

2. How did you start your journey?
I have always been very keen to teach; I started by teaching students at the graduation level. It is then that I realised that to help children grow into responsible individuals, they need to be trained at a young age. Thus, I started my teaching career in a school 7 years back and it has been a very fruitful journey since. The growth curve for me is a steep one from a teacher to heading an institution today.

3. What is different at Samsidh Mount Litera Zee School ?

I have noticed several differentiating factors that makes Samsidh Mount Litera stand apart. It starts with the passion and vision that the Chairman, Mr. Vasa upholds so strongly and fervently practises - one of creating future leaders in the true essence.

At Samsidh Mount Litera, a lot of emphasis is given on activity based teaching, keeping in mind the multiple intelligences of the young learners. Samsidh also believes in inclusive education and does its best to accommodate the same. A lot of focus is given on holistic development of the child.

We conduct several studies and researches at MLZS to understand how best a child can benefit from a school – be it enrichment to help students reach the grade appropriate competency or facilitating research to understand the correlation of nutrition to the behavioural attitudes of children.

There is also constant interaction with the parent community- either through social media updates or through the various activities organised at school. I would consider Samsidh Mount Litera Zee School a progressive school where the focus is on creating future leaders with strong values, skills and knowledge.

4. Do teachers have to go special training? [ At MLZS ]
A teacher’s role in today’s education system is multifaceted and demanding. It involves teaching, planning, organising events, liaising, training, counselling, guiding and mentoring.

A teacher joining MLZS has to undergo training to understand the curriculum and the methodology followed for the implementation of the same. Intensive training is carried out for more than a week before the new session begins. A teacher needs to be ready to unlearn and learn so as to effectively deliver the curriculum. A lot of support is provided to the teachers to help them to easily adapt to the system and uphold the vision of the school.
Teacher training is a continuous process at MLZS. Just like any learning process, we believe that your learning can never stop!

5.How do you bridge the gap between present and future as far as children are concerned?
A child that grows up with
    a)  a strong set of values
    b)  the necessary skills to face the challenges of life
    c)  knowledge that is not superficial but deep rooted

is one who will turn out to be a true winner in the future. A child at MLZS gets benefited as all these three are integrated into the curriculum followed at MLZS right from Preschool.

Growth is a continuous process and change is an inevitable factor. Equipping a child with the values, skills and knowledge is a continuous process and facilitating their growth by adapting to changes around- education system, policies and technology will help an institution to stay focussed and easily bridge the gap between the present and the future.

6.What is the way ahead for Samsidh?
Persistently upholding the vision of the school, continuing to stay strongly focussed on providing a safe, caring, happy and intellectually stimulating environment for children is the way to go. This will surely pave the way for Samsidh group of schools to be one of the most sought after schools in the near future.

Thank you