Keeping it Real. Make Geography Relevant to Your Pupils

The kids today can access authentic information at the touch of an icon in a mobile app or through a visit to websites like Wikipedia. Teaching digital age kids is proving to be a great challenge for the teaching community, which finds itself at an interesting point in their careers.

Most have risen to meet the challenge in their own way: some have embraced technology wholeheartedly and speak the same language as the kids do; while others have stuck to the tried and tested teaching methods of the old school. There is yet another group who have managed to strike a fine balance between the two. There is no single superior method which fits all.

Can technology replace humans in the field of learning in the long run? The answer is an emphatic ‘no.’ There is more to the learning process than visiting slickly designed websites or watching crisply produced educational videos on YouTube.

What makes for a great teacher? A great teacher recognises talent, nurtures creativity, encourages innovation and instills moral values in young minds. Technology certainly has its place and an important role to play, but teachers have a greater responsibility and hence a greater role to play.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Geography is a subject most pupils find uninteresting. Without going into the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for the subject, let us look at the ways in which we can make the topic relevant and interesting to students. The methods discussed below can be applied to any topic.