Mount Litera Olympiad 2015-16 - A Report and Student Feedback

Mount Litera Olympiad 2015-16 - A Report :

Mount Litera Olympiad 2015-16 - A Report

Olympiad is an event held annually at Mount Litera Zee School (MLZS). The idea behind holding the annual event is consistent with our stated policy of contributing to the all-round development of our students. We believe that learning social skills is as important as acquiring academic skills. We also realize that children learn best when they are given an opportunity to express themselves freely and offered a forum to showcase their many talents.

The South Zone Zee Olympiad 2015-16 was held at Tirupur in the state of Tamil Nadu from December 6-8. Tiruppur is a major textile and knitwear hub contributing to 90% of total cotton knitwear exports from India. A total of 39 children of MLZS North Bangalore participated in events like group dance. Sports lovers among us showed off their all round athletic abilities in cricket, football, table tennis and track and field events.

The preliminary rounds were conducted in the school and the selected students were sent to take part in the finals. The hospitality offered to the students and their escorts in Tirupur was top-notch. We would like to express our gratitude to our gracious hosts for their thoughtfulness and excellent sense of hospitality.

The Olympiad was declared open by the lighting of the traditional lamp, followed by flag hoisting and the oath-taking ceremony. Our students actively and enthusiastically participated in all the events and their efforts did not go unrewarded. Here are some of the highlights.

Zee Olympiad, by all indications, was a great success. Our students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and are already looking forward to the next year’s event. It gave them an opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also a chance to interact with their counterparts in Tirupur. Learning about other cultures and making new friends at the event was a great joy for our students. They are unanimous in their opinion that they are richer for the experience.

We at Mount Litera Zee School would like to thank the students, teachers and our gracious hosts in Tirupur for their hard work and dedication and making the event a great success.

Mount Litera Olympiad 2015-16 - Student Feedback

Olympiad is an annual event at Mount Litera Zee School (MLZS) that provides an opportunity to our children to showcase their many talents. The idea behind holding the annual event is consistent with our stated policy of contributing to the all-round development of our students.

The South Zone Zee Olympiad 2015-16 was held at Tirupur in the state of Tamil Nadu from December 6-8. A total of 39 children of MLZS North Bangalore participated.

Our students speak about their experience at the Olympiad:
Karthikeyan, Grade 6
“It took us 7 hours to reach Tirupur. I was amazed to see their huge playground, which turned out to be a combination of cricket, football and athletic grounds put together. The food in their Cafeteria was great. We took part in the sports events and won a second place in 200m running race. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the event.”

Prakruthi Reddy, Grade 5
“I had been looking forward to the morning of December 6 for a long time. I was so excited to be a part of the team leaving for Tirupur. When we reached Tirupur it was raining. The next day, we took part in cricket and football matches and also in the dance competition and won 2 prizes. We made lots of friends. They cheered for us during our group dance. I felt very excited and happy.”

Sukruthi, Grade 6
“On the morning of December 6, I found myself impatient to board the bus that would take us to Tirupur. It was so excited. I had my breakfast in the bus. We reached Tirupur at 5PM. The Hotel we stayed at was good. I enjoyed the Olympiad and am already looking forward to the next one.”

Keerthana Reddy, Grade 5
“Our hotel rooms were neat and clean. The MLZS Tirupur School is very big and well maintained. There was DJ night on the second day of our stay in Tirupur. We all danced and enjoyed the party a lot. The food was nice too. I really liked the Olympiad.”

B. Yashwanth, Grade 7
“This year we had the Olympiad at Tirupur. We enjoyed the event very much. The hotel we stayed in Tirupur was awesome. The food was tasty and hygienically prepared. We made many new friends. It was a great experience for all of us.”

Lochana, Grade 6
“I enjoyed going to the olympiad held in Tirupur. The journey was comfortable and I liked being with my friends and pulling all sorts of naughty pranks. I was feeling very nervous during our dance but fortunately we got second prize in it. What I enjoyed the most was the DJ night where we went crazy and danced to our hearts’ content. I also enjoyed watching athletics, football & cricket. All of my friends played well but I am a little sad we lost a few matches.”

Pooja Y.P. , Grade 7
“I am really happy about the Olympiad. I experienced many new things there. The hotel was nice and provided all the facilities. Food was hygienic and tasty. The school in Tirupur was awesome. I made so many friends from Tirupur and Coimbatore schools. I feel really proud to have been a part of the Olympiad. I thank all the teachers for encouraging us and for taking good care of us.”

Disha, Grade 6
“On the first day at Tirupur school, my friends and I had great food at the Cafeteria. On the second day we played cricket and football. In the evening, we took part in the Group Dance Competition and won a prize too. The best was the DJ night and we showed off our dancing skills. My friends and I have a message for my school - Thank you MLZS, We love you for giving us the most memorable days of our life.”

Hitesh, Grade 7
“This year we went to Tirupur for the Olympiad. We enjoyed ourselves but we lost a few matches. The students at Tirupur were all so good. The food was OK, OK. The rooms were very nice and cool. The teachers took care of us very well. It was very nice......."

Shreya M.,
“I had a great experience at the Olympiad in Tirupur. I also enjoyed the journey to Tirupur, which was safe and comfortable. Their canteen was clean and tidy. I met so many new friends and they all were kind and helpful. I enjoyed all the events like dance, athletics, football, tennis etc. The school was so nice and big. They were all tough competitors. In 200m race, I won the 2nd place. It was my best moment. It was my best Journey. Thank you.”

Siri, Grade 6
“I was really very happy when the day of our departure to Tirupur finally arrived. That was my first time living with my friends and I enjoyed it very much. Our school participated in many games like football, cricket, athletics etc. I was a part of the football team but sadly, we did not win. But I am not upset because more than winning or losing, participation is important. When we were returning from Tirupur I felt very bad. I am waiting for next Olympiad.”

Pooja Shankar, Grade 7
“It was a very nice journey right from the time we boarded the bus in Bangalore till we reached Tirupur. All the facilities were very nice in Tirupur. I made many new friends and we had lots of fun together. There were many games and activities. I was a part of our dance group and was really happy when we won the 2nd Prize.  Personally, this was a great experience for me because I learnt to be independent and that too in a new place.”

Manjunath, Grade 5
“I am part of the cricket team. In Tirupur, we played well but could not win. But I am very happy for the chance to play with another team. Our stay in the hotel was very nice place. In Tirupur, the food from Sai Foods was really good. I liked the trip very much. Thank you.”

Bhairav R., Grade 7
“This year the Olympiad was held from December 6-8 in Tirupur. The school was very nice and  big. Everyone liked the school in Tirupur. Our school was placed 4th in the Olympiad. It was a good experience. Next time we will try harder and get the 1st place. Thank You.”

Aryan Bajaj, Grade 7
“This year my friends and I were part of the Olympiad team that went to Tirupur. The journey was good and safe. The hotel room had TV and A/C. The food in the school cafeteria was great. Overall, my trip was wonderful and amazing. It was the most memorable experience of my life.

Alston Lobo, Grade 6
“It was a nice experience to start the trip with all my friends. We all enjoyed the bus trip. At the school in Tirupur, there were children from many other schools. It was a nice experience to travel and to meet new people. I was very much happy to stay out without my parents in the hotel. Thank you Principal Ma’am and all the teachers for giving me the opportunity.”