How to Celebrate Pongal with a Twist

How to Celebrate Pongal with a Twist

Thai Pongal or Taippongal is a four day festival, normally celebrated from January 13 to 16, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu as well as the among the Tamil diaspora spread across the world, including Malaysia, Mauritius, and Singapore. The harvest festival corresponds to Makara Sankranti, the winter harvest festival celebrated in the rest of India.

The day marks the start of the sun’s six-month-long journey northwards, the beginning of the Uttarayanam, considered to be an auspicious period of the year. The significance of celebrating Pongal is to thank the Sun God, the provider of energy for the purpose of growing food so essential for the survival of humans and animals. Harvest festivals are by no means restricted to our country but also celebrated in most agricultural communities across the world.

The main aspiration behind celebrating festivals is about spreading love, ensuring harmony, forging friendships, and reaching out to the needy. We can also think of how we can make the celebrations more meaningful keeping in mind the modern sensibilities, while remaining true to the traditions, customs and rituals associated with festivals.

What is the central message Pongal seeks to convey? Pongal is a festival in celebration of the harvest season and it teaches you about value of food, it lays great stress on sharing, it brings spotlight on animal welfare, it reminds you about caring for environment, and reiterates the importance of family life. Why not celebrate Pongal by incorporating a few ‘twists’ this year? Let us see how:

Mount Litera Zee School wishes you a Happy Pongal. May the great harvest festival bring you eternal prosperity and contentment.