Being Purpose-Oriented in Life is Imperative

The French language is full of words and phrases that help express hard-to-express sentiments and describe indescribable situations succinctly. English has freely borrowed words from other languages, including French, and the language is the richer for it. One such phrase is the French language word ‘raison d'être’ which Merriam-Webster dictionary lists as ‘the thing that is most important to someone or something or the reason for which a person or organization exists.” 

Identifying our own raison d'être is therefore important for all of us. What are the characteristics of purpose-oriented, also called goal-oriented, people and what special qualities do they bring to their environment? Goal-oriented people are 

We seldom think about the real purpose behind our actions. But, those who do among us can be called purpose oriented or goal oriented in life. They are clear in their mind about their actions; they are single-minded in meeting their objective; they are clear about their mission in life. They always put others’ interest before their own. Mahatma Gandhi helped free India from foreign rule. Mother Teresa served the poor and the sick all her life.

Parents have an important role to play in making their children purpose oriented in life. However, educators have the most critical role to play in moulding of young minds. Teachers are responsible for creation of future generations with right priorities and right set of moral and ethical values. Here are a few things parents and teachers can follow:

At Mount Litera, we believe in promoting excellence in education - both academic and moral - without compromising on our core principles. We have always strived to elevate learning to a higher level, but doing so by promoting the belief that others’ needs come before our own.

Our motto is ‘If we do not value our values, we shall have no value.’ Our curriculum and our  value system help our students to not only acquire essential life skills and professional competence, but doing so with an approach that is as humane as it is goal-oriented.