Good Friday: A day of commemoration

Good Friday is about commemorating the final hours of Jesus Christ's life, his crucifixion, and death on the cross.

The crucifixion was the culmination of a number of events in Holy Week, including Jesus' return to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Jesus washing his disciples' feet, and Jesus' last supper on Maundy Thursday.

It is an important event in Christianity as it represents the sacrifices and suffering in Jesus Christ’s life and the commemoration of this very important day holds great significance for Christians.

It is also known variously as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday.

In India, it is a gazetted holiday.

How it is observed

On Good Friday, Christians attend special church services. They also pray throughout the day. People also fast or abstain from eating meat on this day. Parades or open air plays to portray the last days and hours of Jesus' life are also held in many parts of India.

      Good Friday is a day of sadness. Churches are empty and dark and services are held in the afternoon.
      The day being a solemn one, church is not decorated on this day, and the altar is bare.
      There is no Eucharist (the ceremony commemorating the Last Supper, in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed) present in the church.
      A bitter drink prepared from leaves, vinegar, and other ingredients is served at many churches and this everyone can taste it after the service.
      A life-sized cross is placed at the center of the altar and parishioners pass it by and kiss or touch it if they choose.
      Christians can eat only one full meal and two smaller ones during the day.

Good Friday

There are many theories trying to explain why the day has come to be known as ‘Good’ Friday as it does not have anything even remotely resembling good, as Jesus Christ was tortured and crucified on this day.

      One explanation is that ‘good’ simply means pious or holy.
      The other is that it is a corruption of ‘God’ Friday.

The first explanation has been endorsed by no less an authority than The Oxford English Dictionary.

Mount Litera Zee School (MLZS) wishes you a very ‘Good Friday!’

May Joy and Happiness accompany every one of you always!