Interview with Ms. Uma Pratap Preprimary coordinator of Vidyaranyapura branch

1.What objectives did you have when you started here 2 years back??
My prime objectives when I stepped into the portal of MLZS were:
a) to create and maintain an environment for children where they feel safe, loved & cared.
b) master the skill of learning and logical thinking in a cheerful way without any stress.
C) For teachers to impart their best to children happily.

2.What experiences have you taken from this onto your life??
Prior planning is required so that children learn in a happy environment, and when planning doesn’t work, then we need to make it work with patience and presence of mind. Every individual is unique and we need to identify and appreciate those special traits.
3.What is the most important aspect that a preschool teacher imparts to the child?
A preschool teacher must understand the psyche of each and every child; make him/her feel confident, respected and cheerful. The major aspects that a preschool teacher imparts to a child is the readiness to explore, innovate and create
4.What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses? How have these influences on the pre-school?
My strengths are my interpersonal skills, confidence, and connectedness. I am a systematic organizer, empathizer and most of all believe in creating an atmosphere of harmony which is very important for a preschool teacher.
My not so strong traits are that I am too tolerant which makes it a bit difficult to handle certain situations certain times. But, the same trait is my strength when I need to deal with children.

5.What is your take on inculcating values in children and any experiences that you would like to share?
The values should always be the essence of everything that we teach.   The future of our children will be bright and glorious if they are inculcated with good values along with knowledge and skills. The world will indeed be a beautiful place inhabited by the beautiful human beings.
While teaching the concept of manners which is an important component of values, I had introduced the word “sneak” while narrating a story to the children and explained to them that one cannot enter into anyone’s room without permission. Some days later, when I absentmindedly entered the classroom without taking permission, the children quipped that I need to take permission before entering.
6.What future plans do you have for SamSidhMLZS ?
a)To set up a theatre and involve children in value based skits and plays that can keep up our tradition.
b)To plan  activities that  provide: