Indoor Fun and Games for Kids this Summer

The eagerly awaited summer holidays are finally here. The holidays always evoke mixed emotions, depending on whom you are speaking to.

Speak to kids and they can’t seem to wipe the huge grin off their face. They do feel a little nervous at the end of each day, but then they remind themselves that a good part of the holidays is still ahead of them and cheer up quickly.

Speak to parents and they are at their wits end as hordes of kids - their own, kids’ friends, and those from the neighbourhood suddenly start acting their age. Their energy and enthusiasm levels are so high that grown-ups struggle to keep up with them.

It is said that, summer is the time when the parents feel the teachers are grossly underpaid!

This summer, get your kids to do something interesting indoors in the afternoons, when heat can be intense, and even dangerous.

Let us also pledge to stay away from the usual TV and gadgets and do something different.

      Monopoly: The board game is an eternal family favourite and is a mixture of fun and education. It is great for some good old fashioned family bonding. You can also train your kids about money management, investment, and risk analysis.

      Magic Tricks: There are good books and online resources that teach kids to perform some cool tricks. Good for kids to improve their reflexes. Being able to perform at a birthday party can be a great confidence booster for your kid.

      Scrapbook: A scrapbook is a great way to help your children to be creative and learn to implement ideas. This book provides a great template of blank pages for sticking cuttings, drawings and pictures. It is all about researching.

      Family Album: Every home has its share of old and crumbling photo albums and fading photographs. Those precious memories from the past need to be preserved and cherished. Get your kids to catalogue them and also explore options to digitise them.

      Cooking: Old-fashioned home science classes are a great way to cook together as a family. Being able to cook some basic food is a great asset when the kids are on their own. Getting your kids to share some of the work will make them appreciate the labour that goes into the household chores.

      Comic Books: Get a bunch of old comic books from your neighbourhood library. Visiting such old classics as Archie, Tintin,  Asterix, Phantom, Amar Chitra Katha from your own childhood with your children will help you bridge the gap between the two generations. It will also allow your children a glimpse into your own childhood.

Summertime is family time. It is a chance to set aside our worries and concerns for those two wonderful months. Let your children have as much fun as they can.

Dear parents, don’t forget to take an active part in the fun and games. Time flies and before you know your kids will be all grown up.

Dear students, ‘Have great vacations with family and friends. Have loads of fun!’