The Samsidh  Mount Litera Zee School, Electronic celebrated the Caring Hearts Week and formed the ‘Kindness Club’
The week started with a special assembly wherein the children took pledge to help each other and be kind towards others. Some of the children spoke about legends like Mahatma Gandhi, MotherTeresa who did remarkable job for the country. The morning assembly was made special with children talking about kindness and spreading brotherhood across also they took the kindness pledge.
The art teacher Ms Pooja Sinha helped students across all the grades to make the kindness bucket which was then hung in the class room. They were explained that they will be awarded smileys for their kindness acts that they do throughout the day and they can fill their buckets.
Children made fruit salad and shared it with support staff. Children have started wishing good morning and saying thank you to the support staff. Then friendship bands were made that the children which they tied around the wrist of their best buddies.